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Swindon STW accounts 2003-04

Balance Sheet 1st April 2003 - 31st March 2004

Incoming Resources

Standing Orders 235.00
Collections (organising and public meetings, street): 649.19
National demonstrations (ticket sales, donations): 1144.59
Donations (individual, organisational): 726.00
Affiliations: 140
Other (badge sales, bank interest etc.): 40.39
Miscellaneous: 4.00
Total incoming resources: 2939.17
Balances brought forward @ 1st April 2003: 86.04
Total income: 3025.21

Resources Expended

Room hire: 420.00
National demonstrations (London, Fairford): 1212.00
Conferences (People's Parliament, European Social Forum): 200.00
Promotions (leaflets, posters, speakers, advertisements): 452.63
Administration (mailings, subscriptions, PO Box): 613.26
Street activities: 50
Miscellaneous: 0.00
Total resources expended: 2947.89
Surplus/(Deficit) for the year: 77.32
Balances carried forward @ 31st March 2004: 77.32
Outstanding liabilities @ 31st March 2004: 62

Organisations who have financially supported Swindon Stop the War

Malmesbury Justice and Peace Group
GMB Swindon & Wilts
Communist Party
Socialist Workers Party
Swindon Islamic Association
Socialist Alliance
Swindon Central Church
Swindon TUC

Why we need money

Swindon STW relies on contributions from supporters to pay its way and continue its work. We are currently in need of funds. Our main costs are:
* Quarterly mailings to update members on local and national events, approximately 100
* Room hire for our fortnightly meetings, 9 per meeting
* Printing of leaflets for our regular town centre leafleting sessions - 15
* The costs associated with bringing top STW speakers to Swindon, approximately 400 (hall hire, newspaper advert (and speaker expenses)
* Hiring coaches to take supporters to demonstrations, 350 per coach
Generally room hire is covered by a collection after each meeting. Coaches are funded through ticket sales and a collection is taken after speaking event which will cover some of the costs. However donations are required for the other activities. You can support our work by sending a cheque to Swindon Stop the War, PO Box 1177, Swindon SN1 4AD or by setting up a standing order. Please request details from the Treasurer c/o the PO Box.